CLEAN HARBOR TOURS Gregors GmbH in cooperation with the UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg We are very happy about the environmental partnership with the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, which has been certified since September 6th, 2017. This was given to us by Jens Kerstan, Senator for Environment and Energy, because of our voluntary commitment to environmental protection. Our breathing air is one of our most important goods. In this respect, it was important for us to release as few pollutants as possible into the Hamburg air according to the current state of the art. In this respect, we have upgraded our barges for port tours to low-pollution mobility, which provides for the use of the synthetic fuel “Gas to Liquid (GtL)”. What is the Hamburg Environmental Partnership? The UmweltPartnerschaft has been the Hamburg institution for the promotion of voluntary environmental protection in business since 2003. It is a driver of innovation for environmentally friendly technology and at the same time a central platform for environmental policy exchange between business, politics, and administration. The EnvironmentalPartnership supports the close dialogue between all parties involved and thus creates more transparency for official decisions on environmental issues. The sponsors of the EnvironmentPartnership are the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, the Hamburg Industry Association, and the Hamburg Harbor Business Association. (Source: